How to Pronounce Russian Words – Russian Pronounciation

Russian Word English Translation Pronounciation
и and, that is…, though, (particle) too, (particle) even ee
что (pron) what, which, that, anything, (conjunction) that, (adverb) why shtoh
но but, however, yet noh
ты you, thou tih
из from, out of, of, because of eez
за behind, over, at, after, for zah
же and, but, whereas, as for, as to, after all, this very, this same, then, surely, just, on earth zheh
человек man, person, human being chee-lah-VYEHK
вот here, there, this is, that’s, there is voht
говорить to say, to tell, to speak, to talk, to show, reveal gah-vah-reet

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